Litigation support services

We help lawyers and their clients investigate and analyze the facts, prepare reports and testimony, assist in trial strategy and testify at depositions and hearings.

James J. Schneider holds a J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence) with an emphasis in business and taxation. He also holds a B.S. in business with a major in accountancy. Mr. Schneider is also a certified public accountant. James C. Hoppel holds a J.D. and a MBA (Masters in Business Administration), both with an emphasis in business. Elizabeth A. Laskowski, CPA, holds a CEA, Certificate of Educational Achievement, in valuation.

Despite all of our advanced training, most of our cases demand very simple presentations to judges and juries. However, these presentations must be supported, and the support must be documented. We can do the research and documentation necessary to support our testimony when we appear at a deposition or take the stand.

We are well-educated and highly experienced practitioners, not full-time witnesses. The cases we have worked on include the analysis of business and financial records in personal injury cases, probate litigation cases, will contest cases, U.S. Tax Court cases, bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud cases, divorce cases, tax fraud cases, contract dispute cases, embezzlement cases, business valuation cases, shareholder dispute cases, employment tax cases, lease valuation case and tax shelter fraud cases.

We have worked with attorneys and their clients regarding IRS practice and procedure, tax reporting and tax planning. We have served as the accounting firm for business bankruptcy estates. We also have worked with attorneys as advisors and accountants on decedents' estates. We have assisted attorneys and their entrepreneur clients in the purchase or sale of business interests. We have worked with attorneys and their clients to find hidden assets. Since 1979, we have prepared business valuation reports. For over 30 years, we have represented referred clients and organized their records for hundreds of IRS audits, appeals and investigations. We also handle IRS failure-to-file cases and income reconstruction cases.

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