Part-time CFO/outside controllership

For businesses that are in the transition from using a bookkeeper to needing a chief financial officer, we offer part-time CFO/outside controllership services. We will work closely with you and your personnel to assure you that not only what needs to get done gets done but, also, that the advice and answers you need are available when you need them. For over 20 years, we have assisted numerous businesses and professionals with their CFO/outside controllership needs.

With changes happening daily in tax and financial reporting, accounting, state and federal taxes, banking and finance, insurance, government regulation and information technology, the result can be unnecessary stress, uncertainty and poor performance for you and your personnel. Our part-time CFO/outside controllership services can provide the guidance and support that you and your personnel need to meet the changing business environment.

Work at your business or professional office may take as little as half a day or several days per month, depending upon your needs. Mr. Schneider or other professionals review services by our personnel. For these services, we bill monthly at hourly rates.

Our part-time CFO/outside controllership services typically include:

  • Assisting your bookkeeper (or using our bookkeeper if needed) in generating month-end financial statements, trial balance, detailed general ledger, accounts receivable aging and accounts payable aging, if they have not already been prepared, in draft form.
  • Performing a cursory analysis of your internal financial statements and analyzing the relationship between the information reported therein and the underlying accounting records.
  • Assisting your bookkeeper in determining what entries are necessary to adjust the financial statements to conform to the supporting documents; drafting (but not entering) those adjustments; and assisting the bookkeeper in generating adjusted month-end financial statements.
  • Handling Internal Revenue Service and other agency notices, questions, concerns, problems, etc., that have arisen since the last meeting.
  • Meeting with management to analyze and discuss the adjusted month-end financial statements; discussing management/owner plans for the future; identifying any problem areas; specifically advising on financial areas that may be of concern or warrant immediate attention; addressing income tax and estimated tax requirements; addressing lender requirements; and responding to any other issues of interest to management.
  • Performing any other accounting or consulting activities requested by owners or management in connection with our ongoing engagement. These activities may include:
    • Managing your accounting department.
    • Cash management.
    • Being a facilitator with your key personnel, bankers, attorneys and government agents.
    • Accounts receivable management.
    • Inventory management.
    • Managing accounts payable.
    • Business planning.
    • Budgeting.
    • Evaluating proposed capital investments.
    • Obtaining financing.
    • Management reporting.
    • Business tax administration and planning.
    • Managing business insurance.
    • Owner's tax and financial planning.
    • Personnel management.
    • Systems management.
    • Facilities administration.

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